“The road has been long, difficult and painful”

Last April, Charlene of Monaco (44 years old) returned to public life after almost a year away from the Crown due to health problems. A difficult situation that forced her to distance herself from the Principality and from her family, her main support and her reason to get ahead of her. This is how she herself reveals it in a recent interview published by a South African media and replicated by the Monegasque press.

“I went through a very difficult time, but I was lucky to be supported and loved by my husband, my children and my familyfrom whom I draw all my strength”, says the Princess in conversation with the South African magazine News24.

To recover and continue with the course of her life, Charlène, as she explains, has also relied on religion and, recently, sports. “Faith has guided me in difficult moments of my life“, he comments during the conversation, referring to his visit to the Pope Francisco (85) last July. “I am deeply Christian and it was an honor and a great privilege to meet. My husband and I shared a solemn and emotional moment,” she says.

Charlène de Monaco and Prince Albert prior to their meeting with Pope Francis.


As for sport, Charlène de Monaco reveals in the interview that has resumed swimminga practice that for many years became his profession, and the gym.

Now, luckily, the Princess feels “much stronger physically”. Of course, she assures that she has gone through very complicated moments. “The road has been long, difficult and painful. I don’t want to go too fast, but today I feel calmer.”

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Today, above all, Charlène remains focused on her twins, Jacques (7) and Gabrielle (7). Implying that they are her top priority, the woman in the prince albert (64) says: “My daily life revolves around my children. They have been very busy with their activities, such as sailing, their courses on the marine environment, as well as their initiations to diving and sea rescue”.

About her education, Charlène de Monaco explains that she puts an emphasis on social causes and closeness to the world around them. “I believe that it is important that they become aware from an early agethat they know that our environment is fragile and that it is necessary to respect and preserve it through small actions”, he comments.

Charlène and Alberto de Mónaco with their children, Jaques and Gabriella.

Charlène and Alberto de Mónaco with their children, Jaques and Gabriella.


In addition to her children, Charlène de Monaco is focused on her social work. “My year is full and structured. I am totally dedicated to my present and future personal projectss, but also to the needs of my children. And I will continue to do so for the time being”, he explains. One of the causes is Feed2gether, focused on fighting hunger in South Africa.

“We have heard the cries of our children and we refuse to let hunger have the last word in the Rainbow Nation,” says the Princess. “Food is of vital importance for the brain development of children from one to six years old. The goal is to give people the right and the opportunity to grow up healthy. It can and should be done,” she concludes.


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