The robbery of Aubameyang ‘busts’ his departure and changes the entire negotiation

the future of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang It has made a radical change in recent days. His departure to Chelsea seemed totally on track. The footballer agreed and, in fact, celebrating him in the duel against the Manchester City in the duel against the ELA it sounded like a farewell. and to barca It was going to allow him to reach the final part of the market with ‘cash’, as well as with an economic margin, to face the transfers that he still has planned.

However, the violent robbery that occurred at dawn from Sunday to Monday, at his home, has had physical consequences and has changed everything. According to ‘The Athletic’, the Barça striker suffers a broken jaw caused by being hit with a shotgun butt that he was hit by one of the thieves who robbed his house in Castelldefels. At first, the blow did not seem serious, but subsequent medical tests confirmed the break.

This injury may have more than a month off and it has had a direct impact on the negotiations with Chelsea, which has reconsidered hiring the Gabonese striker under the conditions that had been more or less agreed with Barça.


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