The signing of Abde, in the air

Countdown to the signing of Abde by Osasuna. This Thursday, September 1, everything will be resolved because at 23.59 hours the summer market closes and by then it will be known whether the player of the Barcelona has arrived on loan. The situation is not easy after the meddling of elche in the last hours. He points out that he will wear the Elche shirt, they pointed out yesterday from the Navarrese entity.
The winger had given his consent to the rojillo clubbut a tough competitor has appeared who plays the card of the sentimental componentapart from its economic offensive. Abde has his family living in the city of Alicante, where he arrived when he was 7 years old from Morocco. Elche is negotiating his arrival and will pay his record.

In Osasuna, after the conversations held during the day, they are aware of the difficulty that their incorporation now involves. There are pessimism. It is almost lost after changing everything yesterday.

That Elche entered with force made doubt the player. You want to be in the company of your environment. Osasuna went into the background. Different media in Alicante coincided in pointing out that Elche was negotiating with Barcelona the arrival of the footballer. The newspaper Information revealed that a meeting had been held in the early hours of Tuesday to Wednesday and that this had caused a turnaround in the operation, an extreme that was confirmed from Osasuna. Quite a change in scenery.

What seemed like a sung signing, Jagoba Arrasate’s request to the sports management, was no longer so. Everything has changed. The truth is that the future of Abde has been circulating between various teams. First Valladolid, then Osasuna and now Elche after his latest offensive. Today a solution will be reached for better or for worse.


When I was a kid, Abde settled with his family in one of the most disadvantaged places, the Carrus neighborhood. He played in the lower categories franjiverdesbut at a young age he went to Hercules. At the age of 18, he went up to the first team to stand out in Second B and draw the attention of Barça, who paid 2 million for him. This is his second campaign as a Barça player, after leaving glimpses of his explosiveness in the first team. Strong competition forces him to seek a transfer. The question is where. It seems that Elche.


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