the signing of striker Gueye stagnates and is pending for this Wednesday

The day of this Tuesday passed entirely without the Royal Saragossa could make the signing official (under the assignment format) center forward Makhtar Gueye24-year-old Senegalese, 1.95 tall and 90 kilos, who has played for Oostende in Belgium for the last two years.

The player has been in Zaragoza since Monday, but it is a multi-band operation, with pieces related to the synergies of the group to which the Aragonese club belongs since May with the new ownership, that it is not easy to marry. In fact, the matter did not find a way to materialize throughout the day and was pending to resume early this Wednesday. After two frantic days on the matter, the Gueye case had to be postponed, with La Liga pending all the details.

Gueye responds to the ‘tank ram’ model, a giant ‘9’ with physical presence, he is right-footed and is used to being the reference for the team’s attack in the rival box. After multiple incursions by Real Zaragoza in the field of center forwards in recent weeks in search of an accomplished scorer and immediate performance that can be within the economic reach of Zaragoza budgets, This African striker was pointed out as the most suggestive for the coaching staff and SAD executives.

His morphology, a corpulent striker (his 1.95 is enlarged with his weight and physical presence, close to 90 kilos), drew attention this summer in English football, used to fishing in the leagues of central and northern Europe . Finally when Burnley (from the second division) came to consider him signed a few days ago, there has been a turn in the negotiations that has led to Gueye in Zaragoza. Now The operation needs to be completed, which has taken longer than expected.


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