The strange depression in the North Atlantic is already a cyclone, it is advancing towards Spain and could become a hurricane called ‘Danielle’

The National Hurricane Center based in Miami, United States, has confirmed that a strange cyclone, called tropical depression 5, has been created in the North Atlantic “near Spain” that could become one of the hurricanes of the 2022 season. Currently, it is located 1,200 km west of the Azores Islands, as confirmed by Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency. 20 minutes.

According to Del Campo, “it may become a hurricane by the weekendbut it is too early to tell”. For this to happen, the winds would have to exceed 120km/h. Regarding the trajectory of this weather phenomenon, he has said that it will move to the east or northeast, “but this does not mean come to Spain”.

The cyclone is expected to have a greater impact on the Azores starting this Tuesday, while the chances of strong winds in the northeastern part of the peninsula are less than 10%according to Del Campo. In addition, he explains that the sea ​​areas coming to the peninsula in the middle of next week.

unusual season

Hurricane seasons in the Atlantic begin on June 1 and end on November 30. However, despite being in the middle of the season, activity has been unusually low. According to Del Campo, “Not since 1982 have so few cyclones been recorded“.

In addition, if it became a hurricane, we would be facing a rather surprising fact, since it would be the first meteorological phenomenon of these characteristics of the season that would form very far from the “common areas”which are usually the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea, as Francisco Martín, an expert at Meteored, explained to 20 minutes.

At the same latitude as Spain

Another strange fact about this possible hurricane is its geographical location: it is at the same latitude as Spain. However, despite finding “near” the country, for the moment does not represent any danger for the peninsula. Additionally, it should be noted that the main affected zone in case of approaching it would be Galicia.

For his part, JJ González Alemán, AEMET meteorologist, expresses in a tweet that this phenomenon is notable for “the atmospheric anomaly that it entails”, not because it represents a risk for the country. In addition, he explains that the scenario he contemplates as the most “worrying” is the fact that this event suffers “a powerful extratropical transition“, a phenomenon that, “can have an even greater impact”.

Francisco Martín also states that “weather-wise, the hurricanes that could affect Spain usually form in the months of October and November“. Therefore, it is truly strange that a possible depression formed between the end of August and the beginning of September could seriously affect the country.

Hurricanes bound for Europe

The Meteored expert points out that, contrary to what many people consider, it is also common for depressions or hurricanes to form in the Azores area and that they do not move towards the American continent, but rather go towards the north Europeplace where they usually arrive very weakened and with little chance of causing major damage.

Meteorologists say that so far there is a lot uncertainty about the evolution and the trajectory of this phenomenon. If it eventually becomes a hurricane, the National Hurricane Center has said that she would be called Danielle.


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