The transformation of The Last of Us is evident in the comparison between PS3, PS4 and the remake for PS5

Two days separate us from the return to ellie and joel trip. The Last of Us Part I It is a reality with all the letters and this time we are talking about a full-fledged remake. Naughty Dog has put all the meat on the grill so that the work looks even better on PS5.

For this reason, it is necessary to compare the different versions that the IP created in 2013 has had. On the one hand we have the original for PS3, the revision for PS4 with higher resolution and FPS and finally that of Sony’s new generation console. The Bits Analyst has been in charge of putting them all face to face.

As we have seen in some advancesthe modeling of several characters and other elements have been rescued from The Last of Us Part II. Yes there is reflection simulation, but it is not through the technique of ray tracinghighlighting the changes for textures, geometry and lighting.

On the other hand, the animations and AI have been consistently improved, although most of the moves from the second installment, such as dodging, have not been implemented. The Bit Analyst points out that in Fidelity mode there is a fairly serious input lag and Vsync does not guarantee good fluidity. Therefore, the recommendation is to go for the 1440p and 60FPS mode.

It is striking that loading times take longer on PS5 compared to PS4, although they are much shorter than those of PS3. Other relevant changes are already known, such as difficulty modes, modifications for the game waves possibilities in accessibility.

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