The United States Government accuses Trump of hiding classified documents in his Florida mansion

  • The Department of Justice accuses the representatives of the former president of lying when they said that all the papers had been returned

The United States Department of Justice has indicted the former president on Tuesday donald trump (2017-2021) of hiding or moving classified documents at your Florida residenceaccording to the last document delivered to the judge handling the case.

According to the document from the government led by Democrat Joe Biden, representatives of the former Republican president they would have lied by indicating that all the classified documents that Trump took with him from the White House had been returned, which would have justified the search warrant of last August 8.

The Department of Justice accuses the former president’s team of “obstructing” the investigations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and ensures that more than 100 classified documents were found in the registry that Trump had not previously delivered to the authorities.

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On Monday, the Justice Department informed the judge that it had already completed the review of documents that were extracted during the Registration at Trump’s home that possibly contain information covered by attorney-client privilege. Through a preliminary order issued over the weekend, federal judge Aileen Cannon was willing to appoint an independent expert to supervise the search carried out on August 8 by FBI agents in Sea-to-Lake, Donald Trump’s residence in South Florida, as requested by the former president. The judge summoned both parties to a hearing next Thursday in a federal court in West Palm Beach to deal with the lawsuit made by the former president, who requested the appointment of a “special teacher”, who is an independent expert, to supervise the case. from the registry at his home in Mar-a-Lago.

Through his lawyer Lindsey Halligan, Trump also requested a more detailed receipt of what was seized and the return of anything that was not included in the court order that authorized the search, during which the FBI recovered classified documents.


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