The Verona Arena orchestra rebels against Placido Domingo

The Verona Arena orchestra rebels against Placido Domingo

The Italian press echoes the discomfort caused by the latest performances by Plácido Domingo at the Verona Arena, where the singer starred in the gala on August 25 Sunday in Verdi Opera Night and sat down the next day in the pit of Turandot as conductor. This time, the protests would not come from the feminist associations in the face of the repeated sexual scandals in which the artist has been involved, but from the musicians themselves.

at the gala Sunday in Verdi Opera Nightwhere he played the baritonal roles of Aida, Don Carlos Y Macbeththe singer was absent from the concluding scene of the gala (the toast of Macbeth) due to a “sudden drop in voice” and had to be replaced by Roman Burdenko. But even before that he had had repeated amnesias.

The worst was experienced, however, the next day, when Domingo led a function of Turandot. Always according to the Italian press, at the end of the show the Verona Arena orchestra refused to stand up as a sign of protest against what it considered a clear inability of the singer to carry out his task.

A note issued last day 29 by the Slc Cgil Verona union made clear the discomfort of the musicians. The statement speaks of “embarrassing rehearsals”, denounced by the choir’s own artists, orchestra teachers and stage technicians, “who had immediately realized that Domingo was not up to his reputation and the task that had been given to him. entrusted to the Verona Arena Foundation. The result of the two evenings was dismal and only the professionalism of the artistic and technical staff of the Arena Foundation allowed the event not to become a gigantic failure. In Turandot (a difficult opera for any director, and even more so if proper rehearsals are not done) all the workers felt abandoned to their fate on more than one occasion… To confirm this, there was a protest from the orchestra which, aware of the mediocrity of the performance that had just ended, refused to rise at the director’s customary signal inviting them to collect their applause. Many orchestra and choir teachers consider that the performance on the 26th was one of the most humiliating evenings for the entire artistic sector”.

Given what happened, the Scl-Cgil union has invited the management of the Verona Arena Foundation to reconsider the opportunity to organize the Sunday Gala scheduled for the 2023 edition.

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