The viral photo of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper in a bikini

The entire love story Irina and Bradley lasted about five years. After that, there are many times that the reconciliation alarms have gone off between the couple, since they have been seen together many times, even holding hands walking through New York. But they have always assured that they were just friends. However, the latest photos that the model has posted on her Instagram profile have sparked rumors of reconciliation. (and how it has awakened them). The fact that the model and the actor appear together in these snapshots has not been definitive for these photographs to go viral on the networks. And it is that, literally, they have a bit of everything so that the internet has caught fire after this publication…

The viral photo of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper

In this Instagram gallery that the model has shared on her ‘feed’ we can see Shayk and Cooper posing together on a paradisiacal beach, both show off amazing bodies, we can say that the model’s abs are from another planet. They can be seen in a very affectionate environment and Irina, in addition, has titled these photographs with a heart, definitive proof for many of her followers that they have returned. If all this was already enough material to burn the internet, the final touch is put by a series of pigs next to which Irina has posed. Yes, yes, pigs! The couple is on a beach in the Bahamas, specifically on the Island of Pigs, where it is common to run into these animals that live there. Anyway, As some of the thousands of followers who have wanted to comment on this photograph have posted, without a doubt, it is the photo of the year.

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