The Vision 7S prototype advances the forms of Skoda’s new electric SUV

always electric, Skoda wants to continue expanding its zero emission SUV offer where right now it has the Enyaq iV as the spearhead.

Still in an embryonic phase, the first sketches of the Vision 7S show an attractive and differentiating style that could also mark the new design language for future products.

Striking is the design of the front, especially in thea bumper area (with seven air intakes arranged vertically in the lower part) which concentrates much of the aesthetic power of this first prototype.

The optics so narrow and in the form of “T” do not go unnoticed eitherwhile seen from the side it boasts a powerful waist and Generous sized tires.

New design language

Another detail that draws attention is the substitution of the usual exterior mirrors by others with cameraan accessory that every day we will see more in other cars.

Of the interior not many details have been revealed, but it is known that it will be able to accommodate up to seven passengers who, thanks to the flat floor, will enjoy great space and comfort. Work will also be done on the use of the most sustainable materials with the environmentanother of the priorities that many brands already have in defining their new models.

As the brand advances in this first communication, the Vision 7S represents the future reflecting the family values ​​of the brand, as well as robustness and functionality.

Regarding the marketing of the new model, everything suggests that It won’t be before 2025.


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