The WHO assured that with political will it can be stopped

When referring to the world situation of cases linked to monkey poxthe owner of the WHO indicated that “these signs confirm what we have said from the beginning: that with the appropriate measures, this is an outbreak that can be stoppedGhebreyesus then added that in regions that do not have animal-to-human transmission, “this is a virus that can be eliminated.”

Regarding countries of Americapointed out that “that account for more than half of reported cases” and that “several of them continue to see growing numbers of infectionsalthough it is encouraging to see a sustained downward trend in Canada.”

As for how this virus could be stopped, stated that “eliminating monkeypox requires three things: the evidence that it is possiblewhich we now begin to see, political will and commitment and implementation of public health measures in the communities that need them, the majority.

Warning regarding Covid 19

Ghebreyesus also noted that an increase in hospitalizations and deaths from Covid 19 is expected in the coming months for the advent of the winter season in the northern hemisphere. Nevertheless, celebrated the evolution of the pandemic and confirmed that it is being viewed “a decline in reported deaths around the world” for this virus.

However, he recalled that subvariants of ómicron “are more transmissible than their predecessors and there is still a risk that there are even more transmissible and more dangerous variants”. In the same way highlighted the low level of vaccination coverage among those most at risk “especially in low-income countries” and the need to reverse that situation.

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