The WHO predicts an increase in hospitalizations and deaths from covid-19 in the coming months

The CEO of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesushas pointed out that an increase in hospitalizations and deaths due to covid-19 in the coming months “before the approach of a colder climate in the northern hemisphere”.

At a press conference this Wednesday from Geneva, Switzerland), the head of the international health organization United Nations applauded, however, the evolution of the pandemic, which is experiencing “a decline in reported deaths worldwide.”

In any case, he recalled that the subvariants of ómicron “are more transmissible than their predecessors, and there is still a risk that there will be even more transmissible and more dangerous variants”.

Likewise, it has insisted that vaccination coverage among people at higher risk “It’s still too low, especially in low-income countries.”

“But even in high-income countries, 30 percent of health workers and 20 percent of older people still without getting vaccinated. These gaps in vaccination pose a risk to all of us. So please get vaccinated if you’re not, and get a booster dose if it’s recommended that you get one,” she warned.

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For all these reasons, he has asked the world population not to forget the coronavirus pandemic: “Living with covid-19 does not mean pretending that the pandemic is over. If you go for a walk in the rain without an umbrella, pretending it’s not raining won’t do you any good. You will continue to get wet. Likewise, pretending a deadly virus isn’t circulating is a huge risk.”

Instead, he has argued that living with covid-19 “means take simple precautions to avoid becoming infected or, if you are infected, get seriously ill or die.” “I ask all governments to update their policies to make the best use of life-saving tools to manage covid-19 responsibly,” he stressed.


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