“There are families who live with that money per month”

The restaurant prices They are one of the most debated topics and commented on by customers who, on many occasions, see an abuse that a menu exceeds 200 or 300 euros per person.

The last to be placed in the focus of the controversy has been David Munozwho has decided increase menu price DiverXO apparently to cover production costs. However, what has made him feel worse are the chef’s statements.

Spending 365 euros is not something for the rich. A Ferrari, a five-star hotel or a yacht is for the rich. If you save some of your money for a few months, you can go to any restaurant in the world,” the chef said in an interview for Vanity Fair.

Similarly, Muñoz explained: “Do you know how much a ticket for a concert of Harry Styles? From 300 to 600 euros. Do you think everyone who goes to see it is rich? They are normal people who save money because they want to have that experience. If you go to see Real Madrid – Juventus, a ticket starts at 250 euros, and football is not for the rich. There are different ways of looking at experiences.“.

For their part, the collaborators of Public mirror They have not hesitated to show their opinion on the matter. “It’s rich. There are families who live with 250 or 300 euros a month. He can set the price he wants, but this is for the rich”, Ricky García pointed out.

“I agree with him. If you want to hit yourself a luxury, you make an effort,” another of the collaborators highlighted. However, a morning team has asked several citizens on the street: “It seems to me a hesitation and a tease. There are people who win that”, pointed out one of the residents of Madrid.


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