“There are so many things out of place…”

Ana María Aldón rushes vacation days in Costa Ballena

After the statements of Ana Maria Aldon in ‘It’s already summer’ hinting that is ‘separated’ in fact from José Ortega Cano By revealing that they barely coincide, that they only talk about issues related to their son José María and that they do not sleep together, the bullfighter has exploded. “I can’t take it anymore, it seems very strong to me that he talks about her husband like that” declared the teacher, as published exclusively by the magazine ‘Semana’, pointing out that his wife’s confessions about their marital crisis are “out of place”.

A reproach to which Ana María has not been slow to react, responding to her still husband with irony: “What did I say? The reality. There are so many things out of place” He has assured, reaffirming that it is true that they do not live as a couple and dropping that Ortega Cano’s statements have not been the most appropriate either at the worst moment of their relationship.

Some statements that he has made shortly after publishing an enigmatic message in Instagram about the ‘new stage’ that she is preparing to face upon her return to Madrid and to the family home after a summer in which she has hardly seen faces with her still husband: “Sometimes it’s not bad to lose your way, because new paths are discovered.” “We keep pedaling towards new stages. Thank you for joining me on this path”


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