There are two days of infarction left: Sevilla is working on a striker, on muscle for the spinal cord… and Januzaj is about to fall!

The closure of summer transfer market promises not to be suitable for the faint of heart. It was clear that the Sevilla F.C. he needed to fix his poor planning in recent days that Monchi himself – who has seen his work criticized as few or no times – predicted “tumultuous”; but the rain of news on several fronts draws a ‘mini-revolution’ in the Nervion complex, where there are open negotiations for the output of Lucas Ocampos and the arrival of a striker, a defensive midfielder… and Adnan Januzaj!

The great priority of Sevilla FC in these last days of the transfer period is the hiring a ‘9’ scorer, with transfer of Raúl de Tomás as a preferential option despite offers for Lucas Boye and Umar Sadiqwith Elche CF and UD Almería trying to get the most out of such a late operation. In 20 kilos they have valued the Argentine, something else they ask for the Nigerian and the loan of the Spanish international, between some things and others, requires an expense of about 8 million.

Financing this operation will only be possible with the advanced departure of Lucas Ocampos to Ajaxalthough the thing does not stay in the ‘9’, as various sources continue to point to the common desire of Monchi and Lopetegui to gain muscle in the center of the field -where Interesting offers still do not appear for the Gudelj, Delaney or Óliver Torres– and now the return to the forefront of the media is surprising for a classic on Sevilla FC’s agenda: free agent Adnan Januzaj, who is about to drop.


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