these are the dates and releases of the year that we know right now

Falls are busy in Cupertino. For many years we have known that we have an appointment with the launch of new iPhones, but there are several other important dates. Dates such as the opening of reservations, the start of sales and, of course, a second event that brings even more news. Let’s review what are the dates that we must take into account.

A calendar full of news

The main date of this month of September is the presentation event of the iPhone 14. An event that will take place next day 7 and in which we will see the new iPhone, as well as the presentation of the Apple Watch Series 8. As we have seen other years, although still pending confirmation by Apple, reservations will open on Friday the 9th of everything presented.

Finally, a week later, on Friday the 16th, it should already be available in stores and arrive the first units to those who made the reservation. This means that before Friday the 16th we have to see the launch of iOS 16 Y watch OS 9, As minimum. Most likely to occur between Monday the 12th and Wednesday the 14th.

From now on we entered the month of october, where we hope to also see several dates, but unknown until now. On the one hand, we have the presentation event for our Macs and new iPads, including a new iPadPro. This will take even one day for reservations, another for the launch of iPadOS 16 and macOS Venturaand the arrival of orders and stores.

However, as we have said, we will have a busy autumn. For now, let’s remember that only the date of the 7th has been officially confirmed, while the others may move slightly on the calendar. and all of it while we wait for Januarywhere we can get a good surprise in the form of AppleGlasses.

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