These are the six most expensive European cities to live in

As prices go up, people’s standard of living goes down. It is increasingly expensive to carry out basic and daily activities such as going to the supermarket or filling the tank of our car. However, although this is a reality that many of us have to get used to, the truth is that there are European citizens who have been experiencing this situation for some time live in the most expensive cities in Europe.

Thus, go visa free has made a compilation of the European places where it is more expensive to live according to data from expatistan, a calculator that allows us to know the cost of living in cities around the world. And this is the result:

1. Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss city of Zurich is crowned the most expensive in Europe in 2022. The average cost of accommodation it is about 2,699 euros for a 85-square-meter, furnished apartment in the suburbs. In case we want it in the center, the price rises to 3,816 euros.

And going out for a drink won’t be cheap either: while a cup of cappuccino can cost us 5.43 euros, the price of a beer reaches 7 euros, a dinner for two in a neighborhood restaurant will come out for 78 euros and eating at a fast food place for 15 In addition, the purchase of a dozen eggs will cost 7 euros, a kilo of potatoes 2.38, a loaf of bread 3.10 and a liter of milk will amount to 1.80 euros.

Let’s not forget the monthly payment of 52 euros for the service to Internet and other necessary expenses such as electricity, heating and water, which can cost up to 152 euros in that 85-square-meter apartment for two people. If we want to move around the city with the public transporta monthly bonus will cost 93 euros.

Bridge over the Limago river in Zurich, Switzerland. pixabay

2. London, UK

The English city has gone from being ranked third in the ranking in 2021 to move up one position to second. However, this does not prevent you from the price of staying outside of London is very similar to staying in Zurich: an apartment of 85 square meters and furnished would cost 2,678 euros. In addition, and although living in the center of London is cheaper than living in the Swiss city, the price is not designed for all pockets either, since it could cost us 3,635 euros.

Even so, leisure continues to come out somewhat cheaper: the price of a cappuccino remains at 3.78 euros, the price of a beer remains at 7 and the price of going out to eat at a neighborhood restaurant for two people is around 52 euros. In fast food is where you notice a greater difference with respect to Zurich since, specifically, the price is reduced by almost half, reaching 8 euros.

The Shopping list It will also be somewhat cheaper since a liter of milk costs approximately 1.11 euros, a loaf of bread 1.34, a kilo of potatoes 1.19 and a dozen eggs is reduced to 3.79 euros.

However, even though the monthly internet spending is also lower, about 36 euros, those basic service expenses such as heating and water amount to 262 euros for a flat of 85 square meters. In addition, a one-month subscription to the public transport it stays at 184 euros.

Palace of Westminster and Big Ben along the River Thames, London. pixabay

3. Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne, the other Swiss city of the ranking, is placed in the third position of the list. In this case, the cost of a furnished apartment of 85 square meters in the city center it is 2,338 euros and, in the outskirts, 1,926.

Nevertheless, leisure prices rise in Lausanne compared to Zurich: we can eat at a fast food place for 16 euros, have dinner for two people in a neighborhood restaurant for 85 euros and have a beer for 8 euros. In the case of the cappuccino, this will be a little cheaper in Lausanne, with a price of 5.27 euros.

Likewise, making the purchase will have a fairly similar cost in both citiesalthough in this city prices drop slightly: a liter of milk will cost us 1.55 euros, a loaf of bread for 3.04, a kilo of potatoes for 2.70, although a dozen eggs amounts to 9 euros .

Basic services are cheaper than London but more expensive than Zurich, with an average of 180 euros for an apartment of 85 square meters for two people. As for the cost of Internet, this trend is reversed because, costing 51 euros, it is more expensive than in the English city but similar to the other Swiss city. In addition, the monthly subscription for public transport will cost us 86 euros.

Spiers in the old city center of Lausanne, Switzerland, from the Le Flon district Freepik

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

the price of a furnished apartment of 85 square meters in the capital of Iceland it can cost us 1,820 euros on the outskirts of the city while staying in the center would reach 2,185 euros.

When we look to eat, fast food will cost us 14 euros and a neighborhood restaurant for two stays at 47 euros. The cappuccino will cost 4.81 and the beer 9 euros.

As for the price of fill the fridge, a dozen eggs stands at 5.44 euros, a liter of milk at 1.39, a loaf of bread at 2.68 and a kilo of potatoes at 2.78. Also, the expenses to pay the basic services in the apartment of 85 square meters for two people stay at 142 while the Internet price is 57 euros. The monthly voucher for public transport will involve an expense of 82 euros.

Colorful houses and buildings in the city of ReIkjavik, Iceland. Freepik

5. Dublin, Ireland

The capital of Ireland is placed in fifth place on the list. Nevertheless, the price of apartments rises to position itself close to Zurich and London: 2,038 euros located on the outskirts and 2,604 for one in the center.

Beer prices are still high, although less than in Reykjavík, with a cost of 6 euros. The cappuccino amounts to 3.71 euros, the meal in a neighborhood restaurant for two people to 52 and the fast food place is more similar to that of London at 9 euros. As for food, a liter of milk costs 1.31, a loaf of bread stands at 1.41, a kilo of potatoes at 1.56 and a dozen eggs at 3.70 euros.

In addition, the monthly internet expense is 37 euros, the voucher for public transport is 106 and basic services cost 214 euros for an 85-square-meter flat shared by two people.

Leinster House, seat of the Irish Government in Dublin. Freepik

6. Paris, France

In the latter case, living in the center of the French capital in a furnished apartment of 85 square meters It could cost us 2,748, while doing it in the outskirts would cost 2,547.

The beer remains at 7 euros and the cappuccino at 4.69. In addition, we could eat at a neighborhood restaurant for two for 51 euros and fast food for 11 euros. Of course, the price of a liter of milk is placed at 1.31. As for bread, a loaf costs 1.34 euros, a kilo of potatoes 1.93 and a dozen eggs 4.94.

Don’t forget the expenses of basic serviceswith a total of about 167 euros, and Internet, where Paris is considered the cheapest with respect to the previous cities, worth approximately 23 euros. In addition, if we want to move around the city by public transport we can do it for 75 euros per month.

Eiffel Tower, one of the emblems of Paris, France. pixabay


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