They discover the neurons that “talk” to the brain about a person’s fat

Beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a large-scale epidemic that continues to go unnoticed in the eyes of most. It’s about the obesitya public health problem that already suffers from more than half of the population in our country, as the data shows: 61.5% of Spaniards have extra kilosas 39.9% of the people surveyed are overweight and 21.6% are obese, according to data from the Spanish Obesity Society (Seedo).

Given this scenario, there is an unknown that for many years has hovered over the scientific community and that now begins to have an answer: What does fat tell our brain? For years, it was assumed that the hormones passively floating in the blood were a person’s way of fat, called adipose tissue, being able to send information related to stress and metabolism to the brain. Now, scientists at Scripps Research have turned this intuition on its head and shown in the prestigious magazine «Nature» that newly identified sensory neurons carry a stream of messages from adipose tissue to the brain.


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