They try to attack Omar Montes with a lighter in full concert

A multitude of cities and towns in Spain continue to celebrate their charismatic festivities with which year after year they conquer their people. Parties attended by big celebrities, such as Omar Monteswho has given two concerts, one in sea ​​Tower and another in Saint Sebastian of the kingsand none without controversy.

In the first of them, a young man confessed through his TikTok profile that they put him in the artist’s dressing room to allegedly threaten him. Meanwhile, at the second concert, there was another big incident, when a young man intentionally threw a lighter that could have exploded in Montes’s headwho quickly paralyzed his performance.

Omar Montes saw how a lighter was suddenly thrown at him from the track, where thousands of people gathered. Luckily he did not collide with the artist’s face, but he, for his safety, stopped the concert and sent his security team to bring his assailant up on stage, who was captured in a matter of seconds: “I c * go on your dead, the one who threw the lighter at me. let them take it”.

The assailant takes the stage

An incident that some of his fans did not hesitate to record, amazed at what could have happened if the object hit the face of Omar Montes. A video in which you can see the rest of his followers present in the venue crying out for anyone who had tried to attack the singer to leave.

In the end, together they located the young aggressor, and Montes made him go up to the stage, where he himself grabbed him while he was commenting on what happened, microphone in hand: “Calm down, be quiet for a moment. I know that the kid has thrown the lighter at my face without intending to hurt me”, He pointed out, later letting him go and claiming that nothing was happening.

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