They try to kidnap a girl when she went out to throw the garbage in Ohio, USA

  • A 6-year-old girl was about to be kidnapped when she went out to throw the garbage next to the door of her house in Hamilton, Ohio

  • The assailant, identified as Deric McPherson, 33, has been arrested.

  • The security camera installed at the door of her house captured the moment in which the aggressor tried to kidnap her by force

The images recorded by security camera of one living place in hamilton, Ohiocaptured the anguished moment in which a man tried to kidnap a girl of 6 years that he had left his house to throw the rubbish in the nearby containers. The man, identified as Deric McPherson, tried to take the girl by suddenly assaulting her and grabbing her arm. Afterward, he tried to drag her away, but a Heartbreaking cry of the little girl alerted the parents and surprised the offender himself, dissuading him for fear of being caught.

The intelligence of the girl, her scream and her speed, were key so that the little girl could break free and quickly enter her home. There, she told her parents what the recording later testified: that McPherson assaulted her and tried kidnap her by force before giving up after the scream of the girl at the door of the house.

The man who tried to kidnap the girl was arrested

After hearing her words and seeing the girl completely scared, the father, Ricky Nash, ran out, got into his vehicle, parked nearby, and began to chase the assailant while calling the authorities.

Fortunately, the police were able to arrest him and now McPherson, 33, is in jail in Butler County, USA, 48 kilometers from Cincinnati, and faces crimes of kidnapping and serious sexual imposition.

“That man passed by, touched me and pulled me.” “He let me go because I screamed”, the girl told the programgood morning america” from ABC.

The girl no longer wants to live in the house where she was almost kidnapped

After what happened, the girl’s mother, who has spread the news through social networks denouncing the aggressor, has opened a fundraising campaign to get “a little help” to move, since the girl, as she stresses, is afraid and no longer wants to live in the same place where she was almost kidnapped.


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