They warn of the inevitable clash of two supermassive black holes

The variations observed a billion light years away from Earthin the center of galaxy SDSS J1430+2303have led a group of researchers to conclude that the collision of two black holes supermassive is near.

Is conclusion has been published in the scientific journal ArXiv and approved for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics, and predicts the imminent collision and subsequent merger of both holes, which would give rise to a combined mass of 200 million suns.

Although experts have evidence of this type of astronomical phenomena, for the first time we could witness the car of two large black holes: a historic event that could occur within three years.

The black hole situation

The holes for the sake of colliding are located in the galaxy SDSS J1430+2303, in the constellation of Bootes. The movement in the center of said constellation would have begun to accelerate, shortening the oscillations from a usual period of three years to just one month. Science Alert explains that the collision is imminent, which in cosmic terms points to about three years.

for now, none of the scientific references have ruled on the possible consequences of this historic shock for the Earth.


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