this is how the first portable console for games in the cloud with Android as an operating system looks like, according to leaks

At the beginning of August, Tencent GamesY Logitech G announced the joint production of a new portable console designed to exploit the full capacity of the cloud gaming. However, almost a month away, the design of this console has been leaked, which has an architecture very much in the style of switch.

This console promises to have support for GeForce Now services from Nvidiathe power of Xbox CloudGaming Already Steam. Above, one of the leaked images reveals that you will have access to Google servicesandWell, we can enter your application store as well as download YouTube or the Chrome browser.

In terms of architecture, we already mentioned that it has a design very similar to that of the Nintendo hybrid. It is white with black touches and from the images the dimensions will be similar to those of the Switch, it has a button layout identical to that of the Japanese console. Its interface looks simple and not complicated to understandso it appears to be user friendly.

In addition, it has some buttons on its front that seem to take you to the menu, to the start of the console, another one for Logitech services. Added to this, you can see a microSD card slotso the memory can be expanded as much as we want.

On the other hand, the screen is seven inches diagonal. We will have to wait for official news to know more details about the technology of this console, but it promises to rival the Steam Deckwhich also has access to cloud gaming despite not being his strong point. Another thing that has not been confirmed is whether it can be used to download games for mobile devices.

Cloud gaming services are revolutionizing the way we playsince it is no longer necessary to have a hardware so powerful to be able to play recent titles. Of course, a fairly fast internet connection is necessary, in the case of Mexico, 10Mbps in order to use this service. With the passage of time, having access to such a network has become increasingly simple. In the last year alone, Xbox Cloud Gaming has increased its numbers by 1800%.


The good news is that we won’t have to wait long to learn more about this console. Logitech marked its launch for the end of this year. Therefore, we will soon have more details such as the price and all the technology that will be implemented in this console.

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