This is how we have told the presentation of Sadiq Umar as a Real Sociedad player

“We have returned to the book we had in June”

Aperribay explained the closure of the market based on the planning of the season made between May and June: “When last season ended and we considered where the market could go, the first thing was the decision that they were going to start on June 27 with the Sanse and then with the first team. Some like Alone, Navarrese either Turrientes they were going to have a number, but others were also going to be in the dynamics of the first team. From there we think about the importance of this summer for the near future of Real”.

The incorporation of Momo Cho “It was the first one we wanted to do, because of its versatility and its future. Then, we wanted Take Kubo. There we already have ten players born after 2000 and two in 1999. We knew that we faced the season with a lot of youth, creating the team for the future and we know that if young people can join the first team like those of 1995, 1996 and 1997 , the Zubeldia, Le Normandetc., Real will have a great future.

In the words of Aperribay, this has been the approach of the season: “From then on we considered what could happen to us in the market. When the Alex Isaac, we decided to sign what we were thinking of signing in June, not to bring someone who we had not thought of. We talked about adding one or two forwards. It so happens that there are four players like barrenetxea (2001), Kubo (2001), karrikaburu (2002) and Momo Cho (2004), and some, like barrenetxea, Oyarzabal and Carlos Fernández, coming out of injury or injured. In June we already thought that if we brought in two forwards, one would be sorlot and if he went out Isaacthat we knew we had a risk and that happened last week, with sadiq, who was our chosen man in June. We’re back to the book we had in June.”


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