This is the farm where the contestants will have to live

The contestants of ‘Nightmare in Paradise‘ They have already arrived at what will be their new home, surrounded by nature, animals and reality show partners. It is an earthly paradise, away from the world and the comforts of the big city. The most urbanites will be the ones who will see their adaptation to this new environment more complicated.

They all arrive at their new house with a smile from ear to ear that quickly changes when they discover certain things. First of all, there is no bathroom, Steisy is horrified to discover the latrine, “yuck”. Although he does not dislike having to shower outdoors under the watchful eye of his companions.

‘Nightmare in Paradise’telecinco.es

They will also have to live with the smell of the countryside, it is unavoidable, although some prefer to cover their noses like Marina Ruiz. Glory Camila he has found the place where the pigs live and he is clear about it, “it already smells like moñiga”like Xavier Font, “the smell is strong, but strong…”.

'Nightmare in Paradise

‘Nightmare in Paradisetelecinco.es

The stables house all kinds of animals inside, cows, pigs, horses and donkeys. Although like the contestants, they enjoy a large meadow to run through and they do so. to the cry of “it escapes” everyone tries to catch the horse while Pipi Estrada puts her head in her handsa.

The first images of the contestants of 'Nightmare in Paradise' among animals: "It already smells like moñiga"

The first images of the contestants of ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’ among animals: “It already smells like moñiga”


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