This is the new bloody header that continues to sound like ‘Game of Thrones’

the house of the dragon has embraced in its second episode all the spirit of Game of Thrones. Not only because of the promising progress in the dynastic war between the Targaryens, but also because the chapter starts with a new credits sequence that sounds like the original series to which it serves as a prequel.

The credit titles have returned to Poniente with the musical theme that opened Game of Thrones, something that many fans had missed in the pilot. Made of Ramin Djawadi, who also created the soundtrack for HBO’s fantasy classic, the tune accompanies a new animated sequence.

You can see the result below:

Let us remember that in Game of Thrones The opening scene took us through an animated map with enclaves that the characters visited in the episode. In the credits of dragon house, we follow a river of blood that reactivates various symbols in its path, until we reach a stone replica of a city, similar to that reproduction of Ancient Valyria that presides over the king’s room Viserys (Paddy Considine).

Finally, the blood reaches the seal of the Targaryen House, the great protagonist of this prequel, and the title of the fiction monopolizes the screen. Undoubtedly, the main theme of the phenomenon Game of Thrones It immediately transports us to the Seven Kingdoms and the new animated sequence emphasizes the brutality that we already know awaits us there. Remember: don’t get attached to any character.

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