This is the town in Seville where Iker Casillas has spent part of his vacation

Iker Casillas He is one of the most iconic characters in Spanish football. Throughout his career he has lifted the most important titles in the world of football, both as captain of Real Madrid and of the Spanish National Team itself, being considered one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Spain.

The August 4, 2020 Casillas announced his retirement from professional football, after suffering a heart attack in May 2019. After his retirement, Iker leads a fairly quiet life, since he likes to enjoy his lifelong town, Móstoles. In the same way, usually spends a few days on vacation with lifelong friends in places that many would not expect.

As it has been possible to know through the magazine Weekthe former captain of the national team has spent a few days in the Sevillian town of Warehouse of the Silver, where a dear friend of yours is from. There he has been able to enjoy the tranquility, away from the media for a couple of days.

Almadén de la Plata is located about 40 minutes from the capital, in the North Sierra of Seville and is delimited by the provinces of Córdoba, Huelva and Badajoz. This town has a extension of 256 km2 and in the last census he had 1,577 inhabitants.

The origins of this town date back to the Roman age and it was a small town whose main source of wealth was some marble quarries called “Pagus Marmorarius“, translated from Latin means village of marbles.

After Roman times, it became a muslim village and acquired the name of “almedin balat“, whose meaning was the causeway mines. It received that name because the main power of this rural nucleus was the existence of mines located near the Calzada de la Plata, which is why Almadén de la Plata owes its name to the old mines, especially the marble ones and the argentiferous.


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