This is the true and worrying average age of cars in Spain —

The Spanish automotive fleet ages more every year that passes. We are not aware of it, but the true and worrying average age of cars in Spain is very high, exceeding the European average by up to two years. This means that the cars that circulate on our roads are more polluting and unsafe than in other countries.

There are a number of reasons why Spanish drivers delay buying a car. car new for so long. First of all, for the economic uncertainty that Spain has been going through for years, encouraged by the ravages that the pandemic is causing in terms labor.

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On the other hand, the brutal inflation that Spain is experiencing in recent months and the uncontrolled fuel prices it doesn’t help encourage potential customers to buy a new car. And the shortage in the stock of new vehicles derived from the lack of microchips doesn’t help.

Nor does it generate confidence to take this step Doubts about what type of engine to choose in a car, especially due to the restrictions on mobility that many large Spanish capitals have been experiencing for years and the ban on selling combustion cars from 2035 that is about to establish Europe.

This is the true and worrying average age of cars in Spain

All these factors mean that with each passing year, the Spanish vehicle fleet is older. According to a report from ANFACthe Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers, the average age of cars in Spain was 13.5 years at the end of 2021 (one of the highest in Europe), higher than the average for the continent, which stands at 11.5 years.

ANFAC ensures that for each new tourism registered, sell 1.4 cars with more than 10 years old. Compared to previous times, the average age of the Spanish automotive fleet has doubled in just 15 years. In fact, in 2007 this average was 8 years.

For more than obvious reasons, these old cars that increase the average age of the Spanish mobile fleet are more pollutants than modern vehicles, which are much more efficient and have more effective emission control systems. Furthermore, the standards of security they were not the same more than a decade ago.

Source: ANFAC, via NewsMotor

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