This is the vitamin you should consume to keep your brain young, according to Harvard

take care of our brain It is something essential if we want to reach adulthood in good condition and it is that this organ allows us to control all the processes that occur in our body, in addition to carrying out very important higher psychological processes such as the language, intelligence, etc.

But, How can we get our brain to stay young? Harvard University wanted to answer this question and that is why they have talked about a key vitamin to make it. If you want to know which one we mean, the best thing is to keep reading because we are going to give you the answer in this article.

This is the vitamin you should consume to keep your brain young according to Harvard

The brain It is a wonderful organ that allows us to carry out a multitude of tasks and perform in our day to day, in addition to exercising a control function over the rest of the systems that are in the body. That is why it is crucial that it be kept in good condition throughout life, a task that begins to get more complicated when we get older.

Lack of training, poor nutrition or even excess stress can be key when it comes to develop different neurological pathologies and Harvard knows it. In fact, the University has carried out many studies to clarify what are the best foods for the brainthe techniques that make our work better, etc.

In this case, the renowned entity has gone a step further in order to find out what vitamin is one that makes the brain stay younger. To do this, they carried out a study with an elderly woman who was beginning to suffer from dementia and they were able to observe a significant recovery in her brain capacities after the consumption of vitamin B12.

But why is vitamin B12 good for the brain?

The Harvard University nutritionist, Uma Naidoo has explained in detail what happens with this vitamin. Although it is true that, in the words of the specialist herself, these beneficial properties for our brain are not only related to b12 vitamin but with all the vitamins that we can find in group B, since they improve the work of the cells.

In this way, vitamins such as B7 would help us regulate the signals from our neurons to create a faster communication between neurotransmitters, while B5 allows a successful production of fats, which is one of the substances that the brain is mainly composed of.

But, How can we consume vitamin B12 or any other of group B? As you can imagine, there are different vitamin supplements that can help you achieve this, although a specialist must prescribe them to you in order to ensure that you are using them properly.

However, we can also use the feedingincluding in our diet those foods that are rich in this type of vitamins, such as:

  • Legumes: they contain almost all the vitamins of group B.
  • Fish: salmon is one of the most beneficial for health and contains vitamin B2, B3, B6 and B12
  • The spinach: they have vitamin B9
  • The eggs: they have vitamin B7
  • The yogurt: they have vitamin B2 and B12

As you can see, there are many foods that are nutritious and can provide us with this vitamin naturally, in addition to having other interesting benefits for the functioning not only of our brain but of our general organism.

Now that you know the power of this vitamin to keep your brain young and where you can find it, have no doubts, start including it in your diet and you will protect yourself from neuronal diseases.

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