This is the Wuzhen-8, China’s hypersonic drone that could shoot down US fighters with suicide attacks

This morning, news agencies around the world echoed the response of the Taiwan Armed Forces before the incursion of some drones supposedly controlled from China. The island’s Ministry of Defense has confirmed that they carried out shots fired at three drones that entered their airspace. From the institution they have not identified its origin, although they have explained that the three aircraft they withdrew in the direction of the Chinese city of Xiamen.

Photograph of two US warships making a maneuver in the Taiwan Strait, taken on August 28, when tensions between China and Taiwan continue to grow | Source: Europe Press PHOTO: US NAVY US NAVY

The 180 kilometers of Taiwan Strait they are not enough to calm the concerns on the island. The visit to Taipei of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, last August, was read from Beijing as a veiled threat to the claims of the Asian giant to once again unify the island. China responded with more (and more daring) military maneuvers in the area… with the aim of making it clear that it continues to have its sovereignty claims over Taiwan very much in mind.


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