this new function allows you to buy the supermarket without leaving the app

WhatsApp now allows you to “do the super” without leaving the app. Goal He has launched what calls the “first end-to-end shopping experience”to offer a complete shopping experience within the instant messaging platform.

WhatsApp users in India can browse the catalog of the local JioMart store, add products to the cart and make the payment to complete the purchase, all within whatsapp.

Not only to communicate, but also to buy

According to Meta, this launch is part of the strategic alliance with JioMart to accelerate the digital transformation of India and “give users and businesses of all sizes the opportunity to connect in new ways”with the purpose of boosting the economic growth of the country.

The JioMart experience on Whatsapp, Meta continues explaining, will revolutionize the way companies connect, while offering a new simple and comfortable shopping experience for users to access basic products, without leaving WhatsApp.

To make purchases from JioMart on WhatsApp, users in India just need to send a message with the word “Hello” to the store number.

India is the first country where this new shopping experience is available, but with this new market test It is possible that it will later expand to other countries in the world. To put it in contrast, it is as if WhatsApp took the place of Uber Eats. Thus, a person who needs to buy products can do so without having to change the app, within WhatsApp.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, Explain that commercial messaging is at its best and that “chat-based experiences will be the way people and businesses communicate for years to come”. In this way, the Business experience is also complemented, not only with the visualization of a business catalog, but also with the complete experience of buying and delivering products at home.

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