three concepts and a request for pardon

Perera, Ferrera and Herrero through the Puerta Grande. / AM

Triumphant afternoon lived in Cuellar to close the bullfighting fair. Antonio Ferrera, Miguel Angel Perera Y Xavier Herrero, each one with their concept, they left through the Puerta Grande, with three ears the first two and two the local right-hander, with a large confinement of the currency of Stirrup, in which he highlighted the quality of the room, ‘basketball’, to which he even asked for a pardon.

Ferrera, based on an inspired task to the second of his lot; pear, with an overwhelmed security and a dry courage; Y Blacksmith, in a moment of maturity and full of office, they gave an important evening, in which the livestock foreman also came out on the shoulders.

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Ferrera and ‘Canastero’.

Ferrera He came out wearing the now characteristic bottle-green cape that is used this season to welcome a long, uphill, dripping bull with low hands and a bit of a stilt. Picked up by horns, he reopened the debate that had been created on social networks and during the running of the bulls about whether the shipment was touched by pythons. Already put into work, the bull turned out to be noble; taking the crutch better at first on the right side, but in the end it was even long on the left. Good performance from Extremadura, who, after half a fall, walked the first ear of the afternoon.

Abandoned, although somewhat stiff, he signed a task ‘made in Ferrera’ the second of his lot liked it very much. An extraordinary specimen, with which the man from Extremadura got fed up fighting. He was at his pleasure while the bull, noble, with quality, background and duration, was at his mercy. Painter and artist left prominence even for the Cuellar Band, that throughout the fair was one of the key elements. This pardon was requested ‘basketball’, which was finally recognized with return to the ring. The prize for Ferrera was two trophies.

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Natural of Perera.

stretched out Perera before the colorado who took part in second place, who was fixed on the cape to later collect in a punch. she took care of him pear, with delicate cites, and wore it long; taking advantage of the depth and the route of the horn. Quiet and sure of plants, he sealed a firm performance that he signed with a sword blow and secured the Puerta Grande with two ears.

With the fifth spooned, bull of good game although to know how to understand him, Perera he did not lower the piston and was overwhelming: without moving the figure and anchored to the floor of the Cuellar arena, he left a concept of serene value. Withering effect lunge to win another appendage.

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Natural long of the cuellarano right-hander Javier Herrero, at the first bull of his batch.

Tempered and tight bullfighting blacksmith Veronica to a bull that came out with verve and good sound. The average, high note. The cuellano wore the copy of Stirrup on the horse; leaving him in the center of the arena. A punch, but of note. The first batch with the crutch was taken with that stride more than the Núñez encaste, with emotion and transmission, although later it was difficult for him to attend to the cites of a local right-hander who was brave and left several natives of essence. Work of maturity, which was worth an ear.

rooted received blacksmith to the red that closed late, a short and well-presented specimen -although a little cross-eyed-. Good verónicas and a category average. Surely Cuéllar’s man walked before an antagonist who, when he left the crutch on, was a repeater and stuck his face greedily. In the middle of the task he replaced it and Herrero had to pull from his trade and experience to gather composed batches, which had an impact on the lines. Accurate steel, he walked an ear in a triumphant afternoon.


bullring of Cuellar (Segovia). Fifth celebration of the bullfighting fair in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary. About two thirds of the way in. bulls of Stirrup, well presented and excellent game as a whole; highlighted the fought in fourth place, ‘basket maker‘, shod with number 26, who was asked for a pardon: back in the ring.

Anthony Ferrerawhich replaced David Fandila ‘El Fandi’ear and two ears after petition for pardon.

miguel angel pereratwo ears and ear.

Javier Herreroear and ear.

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