three poignant theories that explain Viserys’s cut with the Iron Throne

[Este artículo contiene SPOILERS de ‘LA CASA DEL DRAGÓN’ hasta 1×02]

In the last minutes of the first episode of dragon house, just after the last heated conversation that King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine) has with his brother Daemon (Matt Smith), we saw how the monarch suffered a minor mishap by cutting his finger on his royal seat. Of course, who would think of sitting on a throne made with pointed swords; but so is the Iron Throne.

Things of Aegon I, the founder of the Targaryen house and conqueror of the Seven Kingdoms. The historic monarch who ordered the manufacture of the Iron Throne with the still sharp weapons of his enemies he did not want any monarch who came after him to be particularly comfortable in the seat of the most powerful person in Westeros. To avoid tempering the character and lowering the guard, the royal throne had to be hard and cold.

Something that in theory can be very successful, but in practice it is a real nuisance. Especially if you’re like Viserys and you get stuck in the spikes and sharp edges as soon as you get a little upset when arguing with your brother, who covets that same throne on which you are paving your buttocks. To add insult to injury, Turns out last week’s cut wound is taking too long to heal, as we have seen in the second episode of the series.

What is the reason for this delay in healing? Assuming that the collagen levels in the monarch of the Seven Kingdoms are normal, it can be argued three equally sharp theories to explain this circumstance.

Why is King Viserys’s wound not healed?

as we have seen in the most terrifying way in the first episode of dragon house, It is not that Medicine is a very advanced discipline in Westeros during the time in which the series takes place. If two centuries later, in the era of Game of Thrones, they still walked around with questionable techniques and anatomical drawings throughout Vesalius, it is not surprising that so long before the knowledge of the masters is still somewhat rudimentary.

for that very reason the first theory would be the healing arts of the time are not sufficiently developed as to speed up the healing of a wound. If Viserys has been infected by cutting himself with an exposed blade centuries ago, he might as well have had a tetanus shot or access to antibiotics; instead, what he is left with is dipping his fingers into a bowl full of worms. Give thanks to health advances.

A The second theory could be suspicious of this supposed curative ineptitude on the part of the court doctors. In a world as intriguing and prone to betrayal as King’s Landing, by now we wouldn’t be surprised if Grand Maester Mellos (David Horovitch) is conspiring against Viserys for some dark reason and because of that he offers him such unorthodox remedies.

Finally, the third theory would place Viserys as the helpless victim of an effective narrative device. Ultimately, the story of the house of the dragon and their progression into the Dance with Dragons, the civil war that pitted the Targaryens against each other, is a chronicle of their instability on the Iron Throne. It is fitting, therefore, that the character physically display just that discomfort on the royal throne that Aegon sought to make explicit. Another matter will be to see how long it continues like this.

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