“To Fernando”: The viral photo of Lewis Hamilton after Spa where many fans see a hidden message for Alonso

The Belgian GP of Formula 1 left many images that remained etched in the retina of the fans who attended the race in Spa-Francorchamps. One of them was, without a doubt, the conflict between Lewis Hamilton Y Fernando Alonsoand that resulted in the abandonment of the British driver after contact with the two-time Spanish world champion.

After the race, the exchange of statements took center stage, making it clear that the pique between the two is still latent since they were teammates. Now, Hamilton, who is not fighting this season to win the World Championship, is trying to move forward with his Mercedes to try to recover positions in the table.

At the start of the test, the Alpine driver started third on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit and starred again in a spectacular start overtaking Checo Pérez before the first corner. Meanwhile, the Mercedes driver closed the second row of the starting grid with his fourth place and took advantage of Red Bull’s bad start to get behind the Spaniard.

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It was then that Lewis Hamilton threw himself for Fernando Alonso taking advantage of the slipstream. However, the move went wrong and his car finished above the Spanish.

The Briton’s car was damaged and a few meters later he stopped, ending the Belgian GP for him. Surprisingly, the Spaniard had no damage, but was relegated to fourth placebeing overtaken again by Checo Pérez and George Russell’s Mercedes.

“What an idiot! Closing the door from the outside. We did a mega outing, but this guy only knows how to drive when he goes out first”Fernando Alonso confessed from the radio about Lewis Hamilton and his overtaking.

Once the race was over, Lewis Hamilton attended the media and took the opportunity to throw a dart at Fernando Alonso. “Everyone has told me what they’ve been saying, so at least I already know what they think of me, but it doesn’t matter much. I have gone around the outside, I have tried to make a maneuver and I have not left him space. She thought so. An easy mistake to make and I’ve paid the price,” he explained on DAZN.

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However, two days after the race, the British reignited the flame of speculation uploading a mysterious photo to his social networks accompanied by a message in which he thanked his fans for their support over the weekend.

“Even though the weekend didn’t go our way, after a break it was great to be back. I love my job, my team and I loved the energy of Spa. Thanks to the team for all the hard work and thanks to the fans,” the seven-time world champion wrote.

The curious thing is that, next to the text, a set of photos appeared. The last one hid a hidden message that, although not confirmed, could be for Fernando Alonso: a Mercedes cap signed by him and with a sticker that leaves no room for doubt: “For Ferdinand”.

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