To jail policemen involved in the murder of 3 young people in Sucre

The ten policemen who would be involved in the attack were sent to jail. murder of three young people in Chochó, Sucre.

They are María Camila Buriticá, Jesús María Bolaño Castro, Rafael Paz Barbosa, Santiago Diaz, Yamit Henao Araque, Álvaro Antonio Álvarez Ricaurte, Uber Guillermo Vélez Arroyo, Diana Marcela Puerta Rodríguez, Bernardo Pontón Mercado and Leila Carolina Ávila, the members of the police singled out for the murder.

The victims They were identified as Jesús Diaz, Carlos Ibáñez and José Carlos Arévalo.who were detained by the Police and later presented as members of the Gulf Clan discharged.

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These people were accused of the crimes of homicide, destruction of material evidence, illegal deprivation of liberty and torture, depending on the degree of responsibility of each one. None of the defendants accepted charges.

According to the prosecutor, the three youths were systematically beaten all over their bodies. “Injuries to the hands, face, head, neck, extremities are related, not only the impacts of a firearm. These young people had stab wounds, one of them injuries to the thigh of the right leg, another to the shoulder.

The records indicate the existence of “circular” traces, such as when a person is hit very hard with a weapon. They had a series of injuries that show that possibly at the time in which the first policemen were under the attention of the case (…) they participated in that torture feast, with all due respect to the victim, but It is the only way to explain how such serious injuries occurred in these people with such little time. and the numerous presence of state agents,” said the judge in the case.

Other police officers would be involved in these events. This was reported by the first municipal criminal judge for the control of guarantees in Sincelejo, who certified copies so that criminal and disciplinary investigations are carried out to find all those responsible for the crime.

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