Today Artemis I, tomorrow maybe Moon

Aviaciondigital, Sp.- “In the not too distant future, an astronaut lives isolated for three years on a mining rig on the Moon.”

A new recommendation, in line with a hot topic today, such as the Artemis I launchwhose goal is to set foot on the moon again, takes us back to the claustrophobic atmosphere that Duncan Jonesthe British film director and son of David Bowieuses in a masterful way in his first film, Moonto make a film about the three years a man on the moon will have to work, until he can finally return home again.

How could it be otherwise, his film inherits all that atmosphere that is recreated in the work of art where his first-born tells the story of an astronaut named Major Tom, who after being informed by ground-control that there has been a malfunction in his spaceship, he doesn’t get the message because he misses it or simply because Major Tom is so amazed at outer space that he doesn’t hear it: “Space Oddity”«, a fable about the loneliness of the individual lost in outer space.

Certainly, Jones presents us with an intelligent film that will make us consider the meaning of existence and life, and in which the character may have to learn to live together and reflect on himself… but that’s another story.

‘moon’ is a film about a human being who considers the meaning of his existence, while carrying out his work on the moon, specifically on a mining excavation to collect and send to earth the coveted Helium 3, the fuel of the future.

three long years in the Sarang Mining Base of Lunar Industries Ltd. on the far side of the moon, where the new ore is mined, helium 3, capable of generating clean energy on Earth, since man is forced to travel to the moon due to the depletion of energy resources. The salvation of planet earth will be found on a satellite that has not been visited since the late sixties.

Today, man returns to prepare his way to the moon through the mission Artemis Ia place where the one who will be the future and incredible fuel that comes from the stars, and that will change the destiny of all humanity.

One last brushstroke regarding Moon…the character will face a great challenge, when his contract is about to expire, and he discovers a terrible secret about its existence.

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