Today’s chapter of ‘Love is forever’; August 29, 2022: There are always two paths

Nevis, Richard Y Andrea They have arrived at the Plaza de los Frutos. The Gómez-Sanabria have been very happy to meet them again. For Manolita, her cousin Nieves de Ella is like her sister and she is delighted to have her so close to her.

Reuben has realized that he wants to live the rest of his life with Christina and she has shown him with evidence that she is not a failure in love. The doctor, who is hopelessly in love with her, has proposed to her.

vision he has had a dream, quite bawdy, in which he expresses his true feelings towards Sebas. In the dream, she has given free rein to her imagination and has starred in a passionate love scene with the newsstand.

Coral, totally drunk, has starred in an embarrassing moment at the King’s. She has been drinking without measure with a stranger and Paloma has arrived, warned by Ismael, to help her friend, but she has not been able to convince her to come home.

Uriarte has fallen into Faust’s trap and, obsessed with the return of his worst nightmare, the businessman is beginning to lose his mind.

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