Trailer of the series that brings together the best of Spanish cinema

Blackoutthe new Movistar Plus+ original series produced by Buendía Estudios, will be presented on September 23 at the San Sebastian Festival and will be released in full on the platform on September 29.

Blackout brings together some of the best directors and screenwriters of Spanish fiction. The connection point is a solar storm that causes a total blackout in energy and technology on the planet. Five stories that propose a different vision, focused on Spain, which gives it a unique realism and perspective. His characters will struggle to adapt to a world without electricity, telecommunications, or means of transportation.in which they have to face their most basic needs, instincts and fears.

Rafael Cobos, Alberto Rodríguez, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Isaki Lacuesta, Isabel Peña, Alberto Marini, Raúl Arévalo, Fran Araújo and Isa Campo.

Blackout: The best creative talent of recent years

The team of directors and writers of Blackout adds the most prestigious recognitions of the Spanish audiovisual, with the most relevant film and television awards (there are 13 Goya Awardsalong with others, such as Forqué, Feroz, Gaudí…), as well as awards at festivals such as San Sebastian or Malaga, among others.

Five episodes, different views, a common link

“The interesting thing about this type of story is that it confronts the characters with a crisis. And in crises the characters learn, adapt, transform. they grow. We are not facing an apocalyptic or catastrophic story. The blackout is temporary and, while it is resolved, we must learn to live in the new reality” – Fran Araújo, creative coordinator of the series.

directs Rodrigo Sorogoyenwith script of Elizabeth Pena (The Kingdom, Riot). With Louis Callejo (three times nominated for a Goya, for Princesses, Late to Anger and Bad Weather).

Rodrigo Sorogoyen

“The challenge of this first chapter was to realistically recreate the management of a solar storm within the Directorate of Emergencies and Civil Protection of Spain. A chapter on the difficulty of decision making and about how the mechanisms of power work in these cases”.

Elizabeth Pena

“One of the challenges was talk about a widespread blackout, but without making a fiction ‘of catastrophes’which would have been the conventional option, but of people, a much more complex and therefore interesting decision”.

Luis Callejo in Blackout.
Luis Callejo in Blackout.

Directed by Raúl Arévalo (late for anger), with a script by Alberto Marini (While you sleep, the unknown), Raúl Arévalo and Fran Araújo (iron rapa). With Ainhoa ​​Santamaría (Elite, ‘Ladies of the UNDERGROUND), Melina Matthews (The Plague, We are sorry for the inconvenience), Tomas del Estal (Riot, The Plague) and Javier Tena (no shame).

Raul Arevalo

“From the beginning we were clear that we wanted an important part of the people who appeared in the second chapter to be real doctors and nurses. Not only because of the truth in their movements and actions on the shot, but also because they had lived the last two years at the forefront of one of the most important health emergencies in our history. There was something of a tribute and also a portrait of those faces”.

alberto marini

“During the cruelest and most devastating calamities and wars, doctors, nurses and volunteers have not only saved livesbut, above all, they have kept alive the flame of humanity, against despair and barbarism”.

The Raúl Arévalo episode.

Directed by Isa Campo (the next skin), with a script by Isa Campo (Between two waters, Maixabel) and Fran Araújo. With Zoé Arnao (the girls), Patricia Lopez Arnaiz (The plague, the daughter) Goya for Best Leading Actress for Anneand Miquel Fernandez (The pier, Adu).

isa field

“One of the challenges was the mixture of actors with kids who had never acted. We work a lot with pure corporality. We imagine how it affected the lack of food, that having to be always alert in case any noise announces the danger or the arrival of help, the eyes always looking for something to occupy themselves, the obsession with cleanliness to prevent incurable infections, the silence of those who already they have become accustomed to being invisible to others…”.

Paula López Arnáiz in Blackout.
Paula Lopez Arnaiz in Blackout.

Directed by Alberto Rodriguez (The minimal island, The Plague), with a script by Rafael Cobos (The man with a thousand faces, The Plague). With Jesus Carroza (The Plague, The Day After Tomorrowand winner of the Goya for best revelation actor for 7 virgins) and Naira Lleó (Iron).

Alberto Rodriguez

“In the fourth episode we had to work with rain, hail and low temperatures, with a herd of seventy goats, two dogs and poor accessibility of the locations. The staging responds to the immediacy of nature. We had to generate the sensation of going up the mountain and of greater cold and difficulty at each stage”.

Rafael Cobos

“The pastor is an essentially good man. He does not want to confront him and eludes him on several occasions. But they won’t make it easy for you. In history it is represented the peace of nature broken by man. The field that stops being a field when it fills with people”.

Jesús Carroza in Blackout.
Jesus Carroza in Blackout.

Directed by Isaki Lacuesta (Between two waters), with a script by Isa Campo and Fran Araújo. With Maria Vazquez (who kills with iron), Mourad Ouani (Unit), Sofia El Bouanani (Carmen and Lola).

Isaki Lacuesta

“The timeline for the final episode spans the time of the entire series: it starts in October as episode 1, and ends in May. This implies film the passing of the seasons, so that the characters have time to transform, like the landscape, like the colors, their way of thinking. And that narrative tensions raised in previous episodes resonate here.”

Isa Campo and Fran Araújo

“The blackout offered us the opportunity to bring the extremes of our society closer together, equalizing them. we found it interesting analyze the dependency that almost all of uschildren of the big cities with professions that would not be very useful in the new context”.

Blackoutthe Movistar Plus+ original series produced by Buendía Estudios, will be presented on September 23 at the San Sebastian Festival. Inspired by Podium Podcast’s hit original sci-fi podcast (PRISA Audio) the big blackoutthe series will premiere in its entirety on September 29, 2022.

Isaki Lacuesta's Blackout episode.

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