Transfer market: Dead calm for Sadiq

Last day of the most hectic, unpredictable and largest investment market in txuri-urdin history. The club enters it this Thursday with their swords raised high and the expectations of their fans through the roof after the latest events around Sadiq Umar. As you already know, after reaching an agreement in principle on Tuesday night between Almería and Real for the transfer of the Nigerian for 20 plus 8 million euros in variables and 10% of a hypothetical future sale to a third party, the rojiblancos managers they broke the pact and, as is logical, they forced the player to go to his squad’s morning training session on Wednesday.

It is curious, because several of the participants in the negotiation even considered the agreement closed while waiting for the definitive yes from Turki Al-Sheikh, owner of the Andalusian entity, without even the slightest problem being expected, since at the meeting His sports director and his commercial director were there, who were communicating any news to him. At the last minute, Jokin Aperribay sent a message to Juanma Castaño, presenter of El Partidazo de la Cope, to clarify that the signing had not yet been finalized. The president did not quite see it clearly.

Well, this Wednesday morning Al-Sheikh, who has a reputation for being eccentric, unpredictable, populist and highly influenced by his fans, who should not have been happy with the announced conditions, slammed on the brakes and backed off, in addition to breaking the agreement leaving operation in neutral.

According to Onda Cero Almería, the mother of all battles is that Al-Sheikh wants the fixed number to be higher, something understandable, among other things, when the club that has sat down to negotiate the purchase of its star has just deposited 70 million and It is urgent to find a substitute for guarantees against the clock. In addition, Almería has always defended that Sadiq’s sale price was 30 million, so it was difficult to justify a price reduction to his parish after, on top of that, he had scored two goals in three games in the First Division. He could even have advanced the hiring of his replacement, Luis Vázquez, from Boca Juniors.

As we have been reporting, the Real does not intend to commit crazy things and it was quite unexpected that he faced those amounts that far exceed 17 million for the largest transfer in its history, which was Illarramendi. An authorized txuri-urdin voice wanted to play down the importance of the conversations and clarified that they were in a tentative situation, something that does not correspond at all to what was stated by those present at the meeting on Monday, who came to consider the transfer finalized .

As if that were not enough, Sadiq, who is staying at a hotel in Almería awaiting events, is very upset with his club’s reaction, since Real triples his salary. Now we will have to wait to see who moves a piece on the chessboard, but the forecasts remain optimistic. Of course, if Sadiq does not arrive, it does not seem that Real has an option B, so it will not activate another operation. Either Sadiq comes or none…


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