Trinity Trigger is coming to the West in early 2023

After the passage of Crystar on Nintendo Switch, FuRyu, its developer, fortunately did not sit idly by. On this occasion, Marvelous (in Europe) and XSEED (in America) will join forces to distribute Trinity Trigger in the West, a game that has just been revealed that will go on sale in early 2023.

Trinity Trigger will dance on PC and Western consoles from 2023

What is the matter about? This proposal is an action RPG in which three heroes try to defy fate to save the continent of Trinitia. What most caught our attention from this first look at the work is the presence of Triggers, some peculiar creatures that have the ability to transform into weapons. Also, if you like to share experiences, keep in mind that they introduced the possibility of play with the company of two people locally.

In case this proposal is not attractive enough for you, we are happy to tell you that it has a good team behind it. For example: the artists are Raita Kazama and Yuki Nobuteru, the writer is Yura Kubota and the composer Hiroki Kikuta, who sounds the same to you for his participation in Atelier Escha & Logy, in Soul Calibur V or in Secret of Mana. Do you plan to give it a try or do you prefer to wait for more information to be released before deciding?


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