Tudelano requests to occupy the DUX position in the First Federation

This possibility has been opened before the probable loss of the Madrid International DUXa club that does not have enough chips to formalize a registration whose term will end at 12 noon this Wednesday.

In fact, The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) reported this situation to Valladolid Promesas, Talavera de la Reina, Zamora and Tudelano with the aim that each club expressed its intention to enroll in the First Federation in case the DUX cannot do so today.

Tudelano has responded affirmatively to this invitation in a letter signed by its president, Ramón Lázaro Martínez, in which he states that the white club “meets all the required requirements, which will be demonstrated and accredited at any time that is required for it”.

According to sources from CD Tudelano on Tuesday, in the riverside entity they are “optimistic” with the possibility of being able to occupy the place of the DUX, a place for which, a priori, they will compete with Talavera, a club that has also responded positively to the offer made by the RFEF.


As explained from the CD Tudelano, the RFEF has already carried out a financial inspection to confirm that candidates for the position of DUX are up to date with their payments.

If finally the DOGE fails to register, The RFEF will review this week the stadiums of the candidates to occupy their place and will decide the club that will be promoted to the First Federation.

Here is the only handicap for Tudelano since, as the Blanquilla entity recognized yesterday, the Ciudad de Tudela stadium still does not have a connection to the electrical network for the new lighting system recently installed. In any case, Tudelano trusts “that the City Council complies with this procedure and, thus, to be able to opt for that place in the First Federation that would bring so much benefit to the city ”, they indicate from the club.

The RFEF must announce before Friday the name of the club that will occupy the place of the DUX in case the people of Madrid do not formalize it today Wednesdaysince for this weekend the dispute of the second day of the League is scheduled in which the DUX must receive Mérida in his field.

The problems of the Madrid club to register players forced to postpone the match of the first day that the DUX should have played in Riazor against Deportivo de La Coruña.


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