Turkey denounces that its F-16s have been “threatened” by a Greek S-300 missile system

The Turkish Defense Ministry has explained that Turkish fighter jets felt “threatened” after a Greek missile system S-300 put “in the spotlight” on the F-16 that they carried out a reconnaissance mission in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, for which reason it has warned Athens that this action is a “hostile act”.

The group of F-16, whose number has not been specified by the Ministry of Defense, flew over the Mediterranean Sea on August 23 to the west of the greek island of rhodeswhen the Greek side obtained surface-to-air missiles to identify Turkish planes.

Despite the harassmentthe Turkish planes completed their planned mission and returned to their bases safely,” the Turkish side explained in a statement, adding that the Greek radar system is based in Crete, according to the Anatolia news agency.

Therefore, Ankara has reminded Athens that radar jamming of warplanes from a NATO-allied country is considered a “hostile act”, for which it has accused Greece of breaching the regulations of the Atlantic Alliance.


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