Twitter enables its Circles function in Mexico and around the world: We tell you how to use it

In the midst of a legal battle with Elon Musk, Twitter knows that in order not to lose more than the account it is necessary to stay current, which is why the service has not stopped launching new features and tools.

In this way, after having launched it as a segmented test, now the 140-character service has just announced the official launch of its Circle function worldwide.

Twitter tests a co-tweet function, we tell you what it’s about

The first time we learned about this function was last May, when the social network specified the advantages and properties of the tool.

In this way, Twitter Circles allow you to publish a tweet with a select group of people that can reach up to 150 contacts or followers.

At the moment, it is possible to create a single “circle” on Twitter, although you can add any user, that is, it makes no difference if you follow us, we follow you or you are a celebrity.

People who join a circle will be notified by a green badge that will appear below each tweet published for the select group of users and that will mean that this message does not appear publicly in the author’s timeline.

How to use Twitter circles?

It is important to mention that once a user is added or removed from a circle, they do not receive a special notification. Additionally, at least for now, Twitter does not allow users to leave a circle, so to stop being part of one it is necessary to block the person who created it.

After keeping these considerations in mind, we tell you how you can create a circle from Twitter:

  • Enter the app or web version of the service as you normally do
  • Go to the box destined to make a new publication
  • When clicking on the space, a new button will be displayed under the legend «All» which, when selected, will display a menu to choose the audience
  • From there we can select the “Twitter circle” option, a selection that offers the Edit option
  • By clicking on the latter, a new window will open that will show the current status of the circle as well as a recommended tab from where users can be added.
  • Once the ideal list has been created, all you have to do is write the post and publish so that the message reaches this select group of users

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