Unicaja works with the focus on the Lisbon Tournament

The presentation of Unibox in preseason it is already counted by hours. The new typesetter project, once again with Ibon Navarro at the helm, is working to put its shooting to the test against other teams. The Los Guindos club already had a first pre-season game against Fundación CB Granada last Saturday -without a score-, but now they train with their focus on the first challenge of the preparation: the II Lisbon International Tournament.

Beyond the games and their future results, the coach and the rest of the coaching staff have a lot of work to do. Unicaja faces one of the most difficult pre-seasons, not only due to the fact of having to reach the highest level in the Preliminary Phase of the Basketball Champions League on September 23, but also having to shape a new team in which there are nine new faces, three players who repeat and two of them -Alberto Díaz and Darío Brizuela- are currently focused on the Eurobasket. So that the challenge of greasing a mechanism, practically unprecedented, is enormous.

The truth is that the typesetter team is going through its fourth week of training. It is the Endesa League club that previously returned to the track. So he is the one who accumulates the most work and now he has to value what he has learned at this point in the summer. Throughout the week he has worked in a single session, except for Tuesday when he did it in a double shift. This Friday he will train again facing the II International Tournament of Lisbon and Already on Saturday he will travel to play that first preseason game against Sporting Lisbonthe first of the two matches that will be played during the friendly competition on Portuguese soil.

Despite the numerous international casualties, the people of Malaga have also received good news during the week that they have swelled the list of first team players who already work on the Martín Carpena court. Unicaja has recovered David Kravish in recent days after Bulgaria decided to put an end to the presence of the typesetter center with the national team before the European Championship. Also, Melvin Ejim will also perform the second part of the typesetter preseasonalthough the Canadian lands in Malaga this Friday and will be available to the team on Monday after the tournament in Portugal.

Therefore, Ibon Navarro works with seven first team players: Tyson Carter, Tyler Kalinoski, Nihad Djedovic, Jonathan Barreiro, Will Thomas, Dylan Osetkowski and David Kravish. To which must be added homegrown players like Mario Saint-Supéry or some like Rubén Vicente who have been working with the rest of their teammates throughout the preseason.

So Unicaja is already facing the first preseason games. The results will say little and only the work on the track will reflect the work done so far. The coaching staff has to launch a project that will have five casualties this weekend and the goal is already set for those first friendlies of the summer.


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