Unprecedented anger of Morocco with Tunisia for receiving the Saharawi leader Brahim Gali

The reception of the leader of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Brahim Gali, as one more head of state by the Tunisian president, Kais Saidgenerated a unprecedented crisis in Morocco which has put on hold the cordial relationship that the two Maghreb countries have traditionally maintained.

Said’s gesture has been interpreted as a break in the historical neutrality that Tunisia has maintained on the question of Occidental Sahara and Morocco’s reaction shows increasing pressure from Rabat in the Maghreb and an apparent fear of the influence of Algeriahis greatest enemy.

“By SaidTunisia has become the Algerian backyard. Since its independence, Tunisia has maintained a balance between Morocco and Algeria. There is no neutrality when Gali is received on an equal footing with respect to the rest of the heads of state”, Moroccan university professor Khalid Chiat explains to Efe.


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