Up to 50% of users trade in a used car to get a new one

car wowthe leading new vehicle comparator on the market, has carried out a study for analyze behavior of users who decide buy a new car. The data derived from the study show that almost fifty% (48.6%) of users deliver a used car to buy a new one, with the aim of reduce the cost of the resulting operation.

And it is that, the thrifty character of consumers seems to have increased with the general rise in prices, the microchip crisis and other supply problems. just one 33.4% of those surveyed states that they do not plan to deliver a car, and a 18% The rest do not have a clear answer in this regard.

The saver profile is also noticeable in terms of the option to finance or not purchase a new vehicle. According to data from the study, 52.7% decide to finance the purchase of that new car, while 24.2% choose to pay the full cost, and 23.1% are still not sure.

Likewise, 41% of those surveyed reflect that they handle a purchase time from 1 to 3 monthswhile 28.5% would like to purchase it in 1 month, 20.1% in more than three months, and the remaining 10.4% in the same week if possible.

Once the user does the exercise of looking for the best offer from the dealer for the acquisition of his new vehicle, he prefers to be the one who contact dealer according to a large majority of those surveyed by Carwow (88%). 11% prefer that the dealer contact the future buyer, while a tiny 1% want the dealer to contact him and also book an appointment.

Regarding the typology of this digital shoppermost are individuals (70%), followed by freelancers (12%) and of Business (7%).

In the words of Alejandra de Andrés, Marketing Manager of Carwow in Spain: “The delicate situation we are experiencing in terms of inflation, supply crisis and shortage of microchips is causing users to plan your new vehicle purchase with more time in advance and that more and more people try to make it cheaper by delivering a car in exchange”.


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