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The last months of Rafael Nadal have touched the extremes. From a sporting angle and the results, the tennis player has added two more greats to his record (Australian Open and Roland Garros) and has reaffirmed himself at the top of his sportundefeated this year in all four majors and without having made hardly any concessions (four defeats); From the personal and the physical, on the contrary, the Spaniard has gone through moments as happy as they are complicated, resisting several mishaps in the chassis (left foot, rib, abdominal) and celebrating at the same time your future first parenthooda topic that has become the talk of some publications in recent times.

On the 24th of this month, the Majorca Newspaper published that the athlete’s wife, María Francisca Perelló, had been admitted to a hospital in Palma de Mallorca due to a pregnancy complication. Meanwhile, Nadal, 36, already had competed in the Cincinnati Masters and rushed the preparation of the US Open in New York. Once they confirmed the good news from his land, he stuck to the plan and started competing in the last big of the season. However, he has not been oblivious to everything that has been said about his personal life and the buzz and recent speculation, together with everything that has happened in recent times, have ended up affecting him.

“Within the fact that the year is incredibly good, you have to be realistic and assess, because I know where I’ve been in recent times. I have been through many difficult situations. I have broken a rib, at the beginning of the year I had a bad foot, before Roland Garros my foot was destroyed, I manage to solve it more or less and I break my abdominal… In the end there are many things that do not allow you to have continuity, ”he answered later of beat Italian Fabio Fognini on a hard and eventful nightin which he had to come back, hit a racket and had to be treated for the cut and dizziness.

“As you know, on a personal level I am in a situation that is important to me. And I have to manage everything. As much as they came out according to what kind of information in the press about my wife’s condition, she’s fine, she’s already letting it drop. What happens is that they are situations that are sometimes more difficult to manage when one is away from home, ”she explained. “You have to go step by step, day by day and, as always, from the tranquility and calm, build things that can work for you. And that is what I am trying to do, be calm, with the greatest possible enthusiasm and try to be focused on what I have to be, but sometimes things are not that easy either, “she continued.

A “positive” person

And, in reference to whether all the outside noise and physical misfortune was affecting him on the track, he completed before the journalists: “One has to accept it and I assume it without any problem. For me it is a challenge and I assume it. I hope to be ready in two days [para el partido de la tercera ronda, el sábado] and play much better than I have today. And I am a positive person. Things work out sometimes and sometimes they don’t, but I don’t lose confidence, or rather hope, until we’re out”.

During the match against Fognini, the champion of 22 majors slipped his team that was suffering from “anxiety”, an aspect that he clarified in the conference room. “It was a way of speaking. At one point he was making such a mess that he wasn’t getting any pause at all. The heart rate was much higher than it usually is without doing long points, ”he specified; “That is to say, when I was on pause I felt very accelerated and that didn’t allow me to think clearly or act logically according to my game standards. It’s a consequence of doing things too badly for a long time in the game”.

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