Valencia drops Bryan Gil

To Valencia he drops the signing of Bryan Gil. And it’s not because the parties involved haven’t worked on it for weeks. But the operation was subject to Tottenham closing another incorporation and the domino effect on this occasion has played against black and white interests. The English club has not been able to close his transfer and for this reason has communicated to Valencia that it will not give up Bryan Gil, that he was willing to make a salary effort to land again in Mestalla, where Gattuso awaited him with open arms.

In Valencia there was optimism with closing Bryan Gil and Gattuso himself said so on Sunday. This was so because the agreement for Bryan was closed and Tottenham transmitted optimism regarding its negotiation by a third party. But that operation, in which Valencia was logically on the sidelines, it was far from being as close as the English ventured. Finally it has not been closed and Valencia is left without the transfer of Bryan Gil, despite the economic effort made by all the parties involved.

Valencia is now obliged to find a replacement against the clock. The che took Gil for granted, but when he fell they had just 15 hours to look for a sideline footballer, something that Gattuso considered more than vital for his team. The che tested various market options in case the operation did not work, but finally they have opted for Justin Kluivert, a Roma player who arrives on loan with a purchase option.

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