Valencia ‘suspicious’ of an offer on the buzzer for Mamardashvili

Just as it happened last summer, the last hours of the market are being frantic in the technical secretariat of Valencia CF. This year even more due to the possible departure of Carlos Soler towards PSG. However, that of the youth squad is not the only open case at the moment in the offices, and it is that Giorgi Mamardashvili is attracting more and more interest from various European clubs..

The market usually leaves last minute surprises and Valencia CF ‘suspects’ that a lightning offer may arrive for the promising Georgian goalkeeper. As has been told in SUPER, Giorgi’s renewal has been agreed for months. However, the noose around the neck that Financial Fair Play represents has prevented it from becoming official.

Once you sign your new contract, if it finally ends up happening, the Georgian giant’s clause will amount to 100 million euros. As long as this rubric is not formalized, the price of a transfer would be 20 million euros.

In this scenario, at this time nothing is ruled out. The uncertainty could make the club owner doubt and lead him to accept a possible proposal that arrives in the final stretch of the market. On the other hand, it could affect the goalkeeper himself.


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