Vivunt Pharma will promote the creation of 60 new jobs

The Castilla and leon meeting approved this Thursday the grants of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, through the Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE), worth nine million euros for a total of six business strategic plans with R&D projects declared of Special Interest for the Community, given the significant impact on the social fabric, economic and industrial. These six business plans of Grupo Antolín-Ingeniería, Vivunt PharmaAciturri Aerostructures, Iveco, Mars and Europraliné present a global investment of 31.4 million euros.

Grupo Antolín, which will receive a 4.4 million subsidy, has presented an investment of 13 million for a strategic plan made up of four projects aimed at developing designs that affect the quality of life inside the vehicle cabin through new solutions and the design of new components.

The four projects are aimed at ‘Design and Conceptualization of New Interior Spaces’; to the ‘Energy Management and Thermal Comfort in Electric Vehicles’; to new ‘Audio Functions’, including active noise cancellation inside electric vehicles; and finally, to ‘Health and Well-being on board’, with surface disinfection and air purification functions.

The company Vivunt Pharma, which will receive a subsidy of 1.7 million, has presented an investment of 6.9 million for a strategic plan that will develop active ingredients for oncology drugs and ‘high potency sterile’ ingredients. This project, which will promote the development of the Villadangos of the Páramoestimates a hiring of 60 new Job positions highly qualified at the end of the R&D project.

The Aciturri group, which will receive a grant of 832,984 euros, has presented an investment of 3.3 million euros for a strategic plan that will develop the primary structure of new aircraft that includes the fuselage, wings and the ‘canard’ (fixed wings) with new resistance characteristics and new raw materials. In relation to this Strategic Plan, the manufacturer foresees the hiring of up to 15 workers and up to 200 people in the 2026-2027 horizon, according to the sales estimates of its client.

Iveco Spain, which will receive a grant of 695,211 euros, has presented an investment of 3.3 million for its strategic R&D plan aimed at developing the design and development of new technologies to achieve a technological position in the field of robotics and digitization that guarantee the medium and long-term future of your work center in Valladolid.

The project presented will focus on minimizing production process times, response times to changes in the sector, the development of augmented reality systems, intelligent process systems and control systems for safety and reliability that will mean higher quality levels. those known today.

In addition, with the strategic plan, the company will promote collaboration with the University of Valladolid to promote the first job at the plant through scholarship programs that help foster the recruitment of highly trained young talent.

The company Mars Multisales, which will receive a grant of 562,599 euros, has presented an investment of 2.4 million for a strategic R&D plan aimed at the design and development of solutions that will make the Arévalo (Ávila) plant the most industry in the world. With the implementation of its strategic plan, it hopes to be able to substantially increase the production capacity of the main product developed in Arévalo, wet food for pets, and to be able to satisfy the growing demand throughout the world. To do this, the company will work on the development of new automation and control systems, as well as improvements in terms of sustainability and waste treatment.

The strategic plan estimates that at the end of the project it would hire 70 new direct jobs, which would increase the workforce by 50% and would triple the production capacity.

Finally, Europraliné will receive a subsidy of 823,640 euros after presenting an investment of 2.3 million in the evaluation of products derived from cocoa; the compression of mixture of chocolates and other products such as nuts; and stabilization of mixtures, among many other specific aspects of this manufacturing activity.

The implementation of the Strategic Plan will allow the company to increase new lines of innovation within the chocolate sector, with new flavors and formats that are more sustainable and adapted to current consumption, positioning itself in new markets and increasing exports.

The Strategic R&D Plan presented by the company foresees the consolidation of the workforce and the creation of eight new jobs. Europraliné produces a complete range of chocolates and bonbons at its plant in San Isidro de Dueñas (Palencia) structured in the families of bonbons, tablets, kids, nougat, instant and cups.


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