Volkan suspects that Asya is cheating on him while she has a new plan to finish him off.

Derin discover to Asya Y volcan dancing in the restaurant and can’t take it anymore. Jealousy has won the battle again. The young woman, who does not intend to let the doctor walk all over her, tells Volkan that Asya is playing with him.

In addition, the young woman tells her husband that Onur he kissed her because she lied to him to make him jealous. She also tells him that Asya send to Pelin record everything to threaten you.

In the next chapter, we will see how volcan is speechless after the confession of Derin. He cannot believe that Asya has played with him and begins to suspect that her approach in her last days is all the result of a plan against him. What will Volkan do from now on?

Secondly, derya asks Asya to stop the game because he feels sorry for his childhood friend, but Asya succeed in showing him that volcan it just manipulates you.

Volkan is clear about it and makes a drastic decision: he does not want to know anything about Asyabut she won’t give up. The doctor creates a fake robbery at her house to attract her ex and make him trust her again. Will Volkan fall into his trap?

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